Be realistic - expect a miracle!


By Walter Last

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, and want to inform yourself about this program, read first the Overview, followed by Strategies, and then relevant sections in the other parts. If you decide to follow this program, adopt the Starter Program in Strategies while you continue studying the information in these pages in more detail. If you consider using conventional medical cancer treatments, I suggest that you first read Scientific Cancer Treatment? and also Combining Natural and Conventional Cancer Therapies. Also read some of the theoretical articles, especially Cause and Prevention of Cancer to gain a better understanding of the cancer basics and what needs to be done.

Individuals have overcome advanced and medically incurable cancer with a multitude of different methods, and sometimes with no method at all. In a way, this is encouraging in that it shows that there are many ways to beat cancer, but it is also confusing as someone confronted with the disease does not know where to start and which method to choose. In the following I want to give an overview of the most important aspects to take into consideration when selecting an individual treatment program.

Caution: The information in this program has been provided in good faith according to my experience and understanding. I am not aware of any harmful effects with the described methods if used sensibly. However, I cannot guarantee results or accept responsibility for any side effects.