Introduction to "Proof that Cancer Surgery Increases Mortality"

by Walter Last

"Proof That Cancer Surgery Increases Mortality" is the title of my cancer article which was also in the August -September 2010 issue of Nexus Magazine. It is important to read or at least to know about it before you or one of your friends discover any lumps, because afterwards it may be too late. People just get sucked into the system and become so filled with fear that they go along with whatever they are being told by their doctor or specialist.

But the naked truth is that people usually do not get killed by their cancer but rather by their medical treatment. The reason for this is that primary tumours rarely kill anyone, instead 90% of cancer patients die from metastases. And guess what? There is now solid proof that presently almost all metastases are the result of surgery and other medical treatment.

The evidence shows that the first medical treatment either triggers metastases which then appear in distant organs as killers several years later, or no metastases appear and all is well. But the treatment has nothing to do with the later absence of metastases. For metastasis to be triggered it does not matter how big or small or how malignant the primary tumour is, and if there are any nearby lymph-nodes involved.

At present it is not possible to know in advance whether metastases will be triggered, therefore if you start medical cancer treatment, including biopsy, you play a game of Russian roulette. It is now known that dormant micro-metastases can coexist with a primary tumour. With the removal of the primary these micro-metastases suddenly come alive and start their more or less rapid growth, depending on the type of tumour.

Several factors are involved in this growth stimulation. A primary tumour releases chemicals that actively suppress metastases. In addition, the wound healing induced by surgery generates inflammation and releases growth factors, both of which promote metastatic growth. General anaesthesia greatly weakens the immune system for several weeks afterwards. Another factor is stress, be it from fear induced by the treatment, or the direct stress of the treatment on the biological body.

While medically it is not known what causes some tumours but not others to form metastases, I have reason to believe that the following are the main factors. Dr Hamer has shown that emotional shock triggers tumour growth, and if it has not been resolved by the time of surgery, then metastasis may result. Further, pleomorphic organisms or 'cancer microbes' develop from cells that store much metabolic waste and toxins. These residues block the oxidative energy metabolism of cells and make them susceptible to becoming malignant. In addition cancer microbes greatly weaken the immune system and release growth factors that promote metastasis.

If these factors remain present, then in time even many primary tumours that have not been medically treated may also form metastases. In this case medical treatment is just a faster way to heaven. Therefore, whether you did or did not have medical treatment, or if there are now metastases present or not, the only safe way forward is to embrace the natural solution of healing yourself by removing the factors that caused the cancer in the first place.

After detecting a tumour regard it as a friend that actively protects you from dangerous metastases. Also realise that you have unwittingly mistreated the affected organ and it formed this tumour to protect itself and you. The tumour is like a jail with dangerous inmates. You do not want to let them escape and cause harm in other parts of the body, but you also should not stress them to make them more aggressive. Instead the best option is to rehabilitate its inhabitants by providing the tumour with everything needed to re-integrate them into normal body functions.

The way to do this is by controlling the cancer microbe, removing the toxic waste from your body, restarting the oxidative energy metabolism, and removing fear and the after-effects of any emotional shocks. Details about this natural and holistic solution are in my Overcoming Cancer book. My basic idea of overcoming cancer and other diseases is not by getting treatment, but rather by healing yourself with the timeless method of living in harmony with our biological, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. 

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